05 May 2011

Ahem...Anyone out there??

Check...check...testing 1, 2, 3...

OK, this is it.  After much encouragement by friends and family that quickly turned into pushing which was aptly met by my resistance and a mountain of excuses, I'm finally, at last, sitting down and putting a few thoughts together to begin this next baking journey.

So what is this anyway? 

Sachertorte from Cafe Demel - beautiful but icing was grainy - ick!
Well, best I can tell it's a baking travelogue.  I love to travel and whenever I take a trip I write down every single detail of that trip because I never want to lose it.  Good and bad I want to be able to relive those experiences.  I have countless journals from my trips because I want to be able to find that gelato stand in Rome that made me sing with pleasure with every spoonful.  I want to remember to avoid the Sachertorte at Cafe Demel in Vienna - no kidding - in favor of the one at Gerstner. 
The Baking Life is my chance to record my baking journey in that same way.  I want to relive the successes and avoid repeating the failures.  I want to talk about how much I love putting together a genoise batter.  Or how I want to cry when my pastry cream is not PERFECTLY smooth.  I want to know why things fail and why things work.  I want to share that with you.  I want us to talk about it.  You want to talk about this too, right?  

Sure, I do this for a living, but there are always missteps and I never stop learning.  I'm hoping together we can figure some stuff out and be better bakers.

So stock up on your butter, flour and sugar and let's make something yummy!

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