20 May 2011

Back in the Czech-Czech-Czech-R and I know how lucky I are!

Like a moth to the flame, like a woman obsessed, like a crazy pastry stalker, this is what I wanted most...

I'd dreamed about it.  I had no clue how to spell it and that left me totally fixated and with no access to info.  Maddening!  Now I know how to spell it.


I still can't find much info about it, in English anyway, but at least I have the name burned into my brain.

Vetrnik and a latte macchiato.  That's what I wanted and they did not disappoint!

What is this Vetrnik anyway? It's a cream puff.  But it's not just any cream puff.  This cream puff has a caramel coating that sinks into all those airy bumps of the pastry--a crisp pastry that sandwiches a stiff caramel cream.  But the caramel is surprising.  It's more like butterscotch. I'm sure they they use brown sugar not white.  It's damn good.
But wait there's more!

Something tells me I'm not the only one wild about pastry around here.  Just look at the line at this Cukrárna (pastry shop) before 10am!

Can I show you some of the beauties I've found so far?  I think you'll like it.

So exciting.  My first pastry fashion show!

They're in there.


Now for the close-ups.

This was better than I thought it would be.  A crisp, tempered-chocolate exterior, moist vanilla sponge cake with a rummy chocolate cream.  It's doesn't taste boozy at all, just a little exotic.  Took me a bite or two to figure out what that "something special" was exactly.  Golden rum. Yum.

Pretty little torte (dort in Czech).  Milk chocolate sponge, milk chocolate cream and vanilla cream topped with a mirror-like orange gelatin with a slice of orange and grape to garnish.  I was a little disappointed that the gelatin didn't add much flavor-wise, but it's an excellent way to "seal" the torte for storage.

This is a Punschtorte.  I've made one of these recently so I was very excited to taste the real deal (more on that adventure soon).

The interesting thing about this cake is that the center is vanilla sponge cake cut up and soaked in a punch-like syrup then stuffed back into the center layer of the cake.  It's always coated with a pink icing.

And then there's the chocolate, chocolate, chocolate torte.  It's dark chocolate through and through.

Finally, the Marco Polo Dort.  Why Marco Polo?  Got me.  What I can tell you that it's light and airy.  Inside is an almond sponge cake, white chocolate mousse with almonds, pistachios and white chocolate shavings strewn on top.  It's not too sweet and has a more complex flavor than you'd think.

That's it for now. Admittedly, I've gone a bit crazy and I'm not even to Prague yet!


  1. Gaaaahhh... I want to see the pictures of people eating ice cream at 10am too!

  2. Anonymous20 May, 2011

    beautiful...I could almost taste each one by your description.