31 May 2011

Prague's Grand Cafés - Café Imperial

Café Imperial is a beautiful coffee house on the ground floor of Hotel Imperial in Old Town Prague.

Everything I read about the café promised me a free donut with my coffee--a promise that easily landed it on my must-visit list.

Fact - I will happily walk an extra mile for a free donut.

Second fact, walking to a cafe totally off-sets any empty calories you may consume there.


Walking in I was struck by how light it was.  From the shiny ceiling mosaic and ceramic tile wall reliefs to the cherry wood paneling it was a site to see.

Settling in at a table with a view I ordered a coffee and did my best impression of "when in Rome" by reading, writing and generally slowing down.

When they brought the latte macchiato I didn't know what the metal thing clamped to the glass was.  I hadn't seen a spoon like that before.  Clever.

So good.  I do love a cream infused coffee.

OK, by now you know I have a bit of a bathroom fixation.  Here's what's happening at Café Imperial...

Tummy full from my warm coffee, I ventured out into the Prague morning sun.  Smile on my face, maybe even a spring in my step--that's when I realized, NO FREE DONUT!!!  Argh!!!

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