30 May 2011

Prague's Grand Cafés - Café Louvre

Café Louvre is situated on Národní trida, the main shopping street in New Town, Prague.

Originally opened in 1902 and said to be frequented by the likes of Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein, this café has seen its share of history.

There's no piano player tickling the ivories here, but there is a billiard room.  And while it's certainly a must for tourists, I was happy to see the local paper reading crowd filling chairs too.

I stopped in one evening to see what was in the pastry case.  The menu downstairs had sold me on a Ricotta Cake with Lemon, but when I saw the case, it was the Country Cheesecake Louvre that got my vote.

Country Cheesecake Louvre
  • No graham cracker crust here--this was a thin chocolate sponge cake
  • The cheese in the cheesecake is not Philadelphia's finest, but could be mascarpone or the topfen I keep finding in recipes.  It's not tart or zippy, it's creamy and a bit savory.
  • Topping the firm cream cake was a 1/4-inch layer "glaze" of soft cream, finished with even MORE whipped cream on top.
  • The sprinkling of chopped toasted almonds on the top and sides added great contrast in texture and a bit of flavor too. 
  • The peach nestled in the middle was the game changer.  It added needed brightness to this intense study of cream.  Without the peach the cake would have been flat, instead it was a luxurious indulgence.  I'm a fan.

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