19 July 2011

Not everyone likes my baking!

Whenever I mention that I'm a baker I usually get what I think is an extraordinary response.  The reaction is often positive and always...big.  At least it seems big to me.  It's always surprising and a bit of a mystery.

This is how it goes...

Them:  What do you do?
Me:  I'm a baker.

First, there's some sort of noise that sounds almost involuntary.  It ranges anywhere from an animated, "Ooooh!" to something wordless that sounds like...a cheer?  Or maybe shock?

Them:  Really?
Me:  Yep.  I'm a baker.
Them (Turning to someone else in the room): You know, Jennifer's a baker.

I'm curious about the "Really?"  Do they think I'm making it up or are they thinking of a cake they need and now they know who can make it?  It makes me laugh almost as much as the repeating thing.   No kidding, I can't count the number of times I've told someone I bake and they have to spread the news right away.  I can only guess that telling someone else makes it real, like when you have a secret.  All I know is that it's free advertising for me--yay!

But why a big reaction at all?  Does it come from being impressed that they now know someone who may actually understand what happens in that big mystery box in their kitchen, a.k.a. the oven, or is it that they can't imagine why anyone would actively choose a profession that has so little income potential?!  That one still surprises me!  What I can tell you is that when I told people I was a publicist I got a much different reaction.

The best part is when I show up somewhere with my signature brown and white striped boxes.  No one questions what I do.  I always get an unbridled, gleeful reception. 

I like that.

But that's the good stuff.  Sadly, there is someone who does not dig my baking.  Ever.


Gigi likes string, comb and shadows.

Gigi does not like my baking. 

This is what Gigi looks like when I'm baking--except for the open mouth and head reared back to let out her LOUD and disturbingly mournful cry.  I couldn't capture that.  More accurately, she wouldn't let me show you that.

You may think this is just an ordinary picture of an ordinary cat.  Look closer.

That squinty eye says it all.  That and the relentless crying.  Still don't believe me?

This is the same cat.

Gigi's never actually tasted anything I've baked and that may be part of the problem.  She in no way benefits from the hours spent in front of the oven.  In fact, she only suffers the cost.  She would much rather I blog than bake.  At least then she can sit beside me on the desk or curl up in my lap while I type.  In the kitchen I am not accessible.  In the kitchen I cannot play string.  In the kitchen I cannot animate comb for her.  In the kitchen, I am dead to her and she lets me know it.

So at the end of the day, I know not everyone likes my baking.  Sigh...

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