02 October 2011

Food Truck Sweets

Sometimes I need a little Sunday adventure.

Reading the Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams At Home book cover-to-cover yesterday got me thinking about creamy deliciousness.

Thinking about creamy deliciousness reminded me about an LA food truck I read about called Coolhaus.

I'd hoped to visit their new storefront in Culver City, but it's not open yet so I headed to Twitter to track down the truck.  The scavenger hunt was on.

In less than an hour Cody and I were standing in line ironing out our sandwich strategy.  I was immediately drawn to the special flavor of the day - Sweet Potato with Swirled Marshmallow.  But which cookie to choose?

Red Velvet?  Chocolate Chip?  Snickerdoodle?  Peanut Butter?  Double Chocolate with Salt?  Hmmm....

Double Chocolate with Salt.

Turns out Cody wanted the same thing!  That's against our restaurant rules, so he chose Maker's Mark with Peaches on Snickerdoodle.

My Sweet Potato ice cream was nice, but subtle and totally got lost between the Double Chocolate cookie.  The cookie was terrific.  Soft, chocolaty and I love salt on chocolate.

The Maker's-Mark was really boozy--but in a good way.  So there was peach in it too, huh?  Didn't taste it.  The cookie was not stellar.  It was definitely over-baked (a Snickerdoodle should never be brown--she's a natural blonde, people!).

Fact--crunchy cookies make for a tough-to-enjoy ice cream sandwich.  Thankfully the edible wrapper (very cool) helped hold it all together.

Being the sick tasters we are we went back for a solo scoop of Red Velvet--cream cheese ice cream with bits of red velvet cake running through it.

Hands down this was the best thing we tried.  I tasted the Pineapple and Serrano Chili sorbet too.  I liked the big kick, but the cream won today's chilly battle.

That was my Sunday.  What'd you do?

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