29 January 2012

Fast Fact: Zest

It used to drive me crazy reading recipes that called for lemon zest only.  I could never manage to have enough fresh fruit on hand.  Either I had used the zest leaving me with a naked lime that dried out or I'd only needed the juice and had to toss out all that prime, waiting-to-be-zested peel.

Not anymore!! 

Fast Fact:  Freeze juiced halves of citrus instead of throwing them away.  You can zest them with a microplane (while frozen) to add zip and flavor to cakes, bread, muffins, whatever you're cooking up.

What of those zested un-juiced fruits?

Bonus Fast Fact:  I found that if I wrap them in plastic or fold them in a sandwich bag they don't dry up as fast and I can keep them in the refrigerator for up to a week!  The plastic steps in as a substitute peel keeping it from drying out so quickly.

No more waste.

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