07 January 2012

Shootin' Pie

I know, I know.  Where the hell have I been, right?

Well, first there was the holiday crush for Fresh from the Oven (THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO ORDERED!) and now even my latest baking endeavor has planted itself firmly between me and my keyboard!

Let me tell you about this latest thing.  I'm baking for a cookbook photo shoot.  A first for me.  Goes to show you never know where a conversation at a baby shower will lead!

So it's a book all about pies written by Krystina Castella (fellow Art Center grad) author of:  Pops!, Crazy About Cookies, Crazy About Cakes, Crazy About Cupcakes, A World of Cakes, Booze Cakes, and Discovering Nature's Alphabet.  We've been baking and shooting everything from knish purses and googly-eyed pop tarts to traditional pumpkin pie (which I dropped pulling it out of the oven and had to remake in record time!  Not a banner moment.)

It wasn't so long ago that I spent my days on a set and this time is no different, except for all the flying flour, sugar and marzipan!

What typically happens is Krystina gives us a recipe and we try to make the most perfect version of her creations for the camera.

We?  Yeah, we.

I'm working with the awesome food stylist and photography team of Jenny Park and Teri Lyn Fisher.  It's great spending my days around other food obsessed folks.  Jenny and Teri have a blog you should check out Spoon Fork Bacon.  Their blog is just like being in the room with them--smart, funny and chock full o' food.  (I should clarify--they're not chock full o' food, they're skinny girls, they just talk about food a lot.)

That's what I'm doing these days.  I promise to be diving deep into recipes with you soon.  I've got a stockpile of things to share. 

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